Covid-19 Mutual Aid and Food Services

Mutual Aid Groups

The information below will lead you to various groups in the region that are working to bring aid to marginalized communities.

  • Snohomish County COVID/Coronavirus Mutual Aid Group

    • We are a grass roots group supporting our most vulnerable neighbors during the COVID19 crisis: immigrant and refugee communities, the elderly, communities of color, our indigenous neighbors, LGBTQ+ folks, the poor, under-employed, or unemployed, those with disabilities/compromised immune systems, families of incarcerated or detained folks, and any other marginalized people.

      We can provide the following forms of support:
      - Groceries, supplies, or medicines dropped off on your porch;
      - Helping you find Snohomish, state, and federal resources;
      - Conducting phone check-ins and outreach in special cases;
      - Transportation when possible;
      - Small cash grants;
      - Mental and emotional health support;
      - Housing referrals.

    • Request Aid

    • Volunteer Sign-up

    • Donation page

  • Snohomish County NAACP Micro-Grants

    • The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Snohomish County Branch (NAACP-SCB) is pleased to announce its COVID-19 Response Fund.   The micro-grants offered by NAACP -SCB are designed to complement assistance provided by governmental agencies and philanthropic organizations.

      The funding for this outreach is made available by a generous grant from Group Health Foundation. “Group Health Foundation aims to shape and accelerate efforts to improve health equity and advance community aspirations for a vibrant, healthy future in Washington.”

      This response fund is intended to augment local capacity by responding to the essential needs of those severely impacted by the virus. 

      In order of priority, recipients of assistance will be residents of Snohomish County including one of the following:

      • People at risk of isolation, especially lower-income elders.

      • People who are out of work because of the COVID-19 virus.

      • Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

      • People with disabilities and people who are immunosuppressed.

    • We look forward to serving the needs of our community.

      Please keep in mind that the funds are limited and micro-grants allow us to share with as many people in need as possible.

    • Application Process

      Individuals or families seeking assistance from the NAACP-SCB COVID-19 Response Fund should follow the following steps:

      1. Obtain and apply for assistance from the NAACP-SCB (along with all supporting documentation)

      2. Complete interview(s) with a member of the NAACP-SCB Executive Committee.

      3. Provide all additional documents and information requested by the NAACP-SCB Executive Committee.

      4. The NAACP-SCB Executive Committee will notify the applicant of the grant award or denial. 

Food Resources

Here are some flyers with information on how to get access to food needs.

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