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A Message To Our Communities,

A core concept at the heart of what constitutes a “community” is that its residents share a common interest in working collectively to assure a supportive and safe environment that enables everyone to live well and prosper. Such communities can also be places of sanctuary that welcome those escaping war, terror, political persecution, intolerance, exploitation, and other expressions of violence, whether domestic or foreign. It is, perhaps self-evident that our communities are much healthier for everyone when all residents feel safe and have the ability to contribute to and benefit equitably from the economic and social opportunities made possible by “community”.


Unfortunately, this year’s troubling election process has driven destructive political and emotional wedges between average citizens and we are greatly concerned for the communities that we call home. Political contests all too often degenerated into denigrating diatribes seeking scapegoats for mounting disappointments and lost dreams. The recent election has also highlighted the extent to which our sense of

“community” has been compromised by ever widening economic disparities, especially across racial, ethnic and generational divides, and by a rapidly diversifying population, especially in younger age groups. The great American dream has slipped beyond the grasp of those who are most frequently excluded or marginalized, but even many of those who have historically enjoyed considerable social privilege and economic advantage have seen their current and future prospects diminish.

The Communities of Color Coalition is a non-partisan group of Snohomish County residents who advocate for social justice, cultural and religious respect, and human rights, especially for people of color and other under-represented groups. Together with our community partners listed below, we rededicate ourselves to our roles as advocates and educators who seek out opportunities to promote inclusion, civic engagement, and social equity. We recommit to mobilizing against racism in all its forms, sexism and gender identity discrimination, and exclusionary barriers based on cultural, linguistic, or religious differences. We invite you to join us in that effort.

The weeks and months ahead are likely to present considerable challenges as the nation struggles with reactionary politics driven by fear, prejudice, and economic disparity. We will get through those struggles and come out stronger if we pull together as inclusive communities that enable all of us to enjoy the benefits that our country has to offer.



Endorsed by:

Communities of Color Coalition                                                             

NAACP Snohomish County Branch                                                        

Snohomish County Black Heritage Committee                                              SBHC Facebook

Interfaith Association of NW Washington                                             

Islamic Center of Mukilteo                                                                       

YWCA Seattle-King-Snohomish                                                              

Rev. Paul Benz & Elise DeGooyer Co -Directors Faith Action Network      www.

YMCA Snohomish County                                                                        




A 501(c)(3) non-profit community organization


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