February 1, 2020

Ring with the harmonies of liberty…

It is difficult at times to measure the impact of a moment –the subtility of an emotion—or the creation of a nation. The African American community in the United States forged deep commitments to liberty from Valley Forge to the Supreme Court. As we celebrate and reflect upon the ongoing contributions of African Americans, we at times miss a beat and forget the simple truth, that the African American community have always been present in our collective history. What should be a rather straight forward chronological arch capturing the true nature of one group’s pursuit of liberty, is instead a series of broken promises due to the onslaught of racism, discrimination, and poverty. The burden and weight of such crippling sanctions impacts the pursuit of positive health outcomes, meaningful and fair employment, and equal treatment under the law. As we, as Americans start a new decade, must we also commit to a new promise? A bolder promise that honors, respects, and holds tightly onto our fledgling democracy. I end where I started, with passages from the Black National Anthem…

Let us march on till victory won.


The Communities of Color Coalition, building intentional communities since, 2000.

In Common Struggle,

David Ortiz, Chair

Communities of Color Coalition

2020 Communties of Color Coalition