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Small Business 
Resiliency Network

About The Program:

C3 has partnered with the Department of Commerce to aid Small Businesses through our Small Business Resiliency Network program. We specifically center folks from Black & Brown communities with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ and communities who have intentionally been excluded from access to economic opportunities and information. This pilot program invites you to learn, grow, expand, and network by lending your knowledge and accessing technical assistance.

Services We Provide: 
  • Marketing Support
  • Educational, Leadership, & Skill Development 
  • Insurance & Bonding  
  • Financial Consultation/Tax Strategy/Budgeting   
  • Identifying Funding Sources (grants, loans, capital, etc.)
  • Hand to Hand Referrals to Community Service Partners 

For more information about the Small Business Resiliency Network visit Washington State Department of Commerce! If you're interested in joining our next cohort for June 2022, please don't hesitate to reach us below or at

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