Board Positions

 Close on February 28, 2020 at 7pm
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Please submit your application to Barbara at c3coalition dot org
Please indicate the board position number you are applying for.

1. Announcement: The Communities of Color Coalition (C3) is currently seeking board members to assist in fulfilling its commitment to equity, inclusion, and belonging.  Moreover, potential and future board members shall adhere to the mission of the Communities of Color Coalition.  The mission states:


The Communities of Color Coalition (C3) is a non-partisan group of citizens who meet on behalf of the people of Snohomish County to discuss, problem-solve, and advocate for social justice, cultural and religious respect and human rights, especially for people of color and other under-represented groups. Our major areas of concern include but are not limited to the elimination of personal and institutional racism; equal access to and opportunities in education; equal access to and opportunities in economic development and employment; and fair and equal treatment under the law and in our society.


2. Board Positions:  The Communities of Color Coalition is requesting potential board members apply to one of the eleven positions. 


Board Positions:

  • Positions 1-5 are aligned with Community Building and Advocacy

  • Position 6 & 7 are aligned with Community Building and Organizational Research

  • Positions 8 & 9 are aligned with Organizational Finance

  • Positions 10 & 11 are aligned with Fund Raising & Finance and Grant Writing


3.  Qualifications:

Minimum Qualifications

  • 1-3-years’ experience in an existing registered non-profit in Washington State

  • Direct experience in running/managing a task force or committee

  • Direct experience working with non-profits

  • Direct experience collaborating with municipal, regional, or state agencies

  • Direct experience working with grants, organizational budgets, and/or stipends

  • Direct experience working with communities of color

Preferred Qualifications

  • 3-5 years’ experience in leading a non-profit organization

  • Direct experience in managing a budget for a non-profit

  • Excellent public, written, and media communication skills

  • Direct experience in managing short-term and long-term projects

  • Direct experience collaborating with other non-profits

  • Direct experience collaborating with Pacific Northwest Tribes and/or Indigenous Groups

  • Direct experience working with communities of color may include:

  • Working with refugee communities

  • Undocumented immigrants

  • Disenfranchised communities residing in the U.S.


4.  Board Positions and Areas of Responsibilities:

  • Promote the mission of C3

  • Develop Board Articles defining and promoting Board service and activities

  • Respond and address employee redress and/or conduct

  • Promote C3 annual events and activities

  • Promote and help secure Human and Civil Rights

  • Fundraise to promote C3’s mission, related events and activities

  • Collaborate with other nonprofits, commissions, agencies, task forces, and community organizations to support human and civil rights

  • Support Tribal Sovereignty and Treaty Rights

  • Develop clear and actionable plans for sustaining the physical, water, air, soil, and plant and animal species for future generations

  • Create specific electronic mediums and channels for the intentional purpose of promoting human and civil rights.

  • Be fierce in promoting the common good and dignity for all…

5. Selection Process and Timeline: All board members must be C3 members prior to applying.  If you are not a current C3 member, you will need to pay for membership dues at the time of submitting your application. Each position on the board is assigned to a specific organizational area of responsibility. Board members will be elected by C3 members on a specified date in March of 2020.  The board is comprised of volunteers and will serve two-year terms; starting in March of 2020.  


6. Diversity and Inclusion: The Communities of Color Coalition shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious affiliation, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, marital status, in any of its operations, including the hiring of board members. 

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