C3 COVID-19 Funding

for Community Groups

Deadline for Round 1 of Funding: Friday, April 24, 2020 at 3pm.
Click here to download application
Email your completed application to jacque @ c3coalition . org

Purpose: The primary purpose of funding is to render financial assistance to the following communities impacted by the current Covid -19 virus:

1. People at risk of isolation, especially lower-income elders, housing insecure people, and people experiencing homelessness (also- houselessness).
2. People who are out of work or who cannot take time off to care for themselves or their families.

3. Black, Indigenous, people of color, immigrants, and refugees--especially people of Asian descent, who are targets of further-heightened racist discrimination and isolation.

4. People with disabilities and people who are immunosuppressed, whose potentially complex needs for both isolation and support may be in direct conflict during quarantine; and
5.  Communities who need culturally specific or non-English communication to access fact-based resources to learn about -- and prevent the further spread of -- Covid -19.

Collaboration: The current Covid-19 virus health crisis is also revealing vulnerabilities in our education, economic, and political systems.  The Communities of Color Coalition (C3) is keenly aware of how these vulnerabilities impact systems that communities of color need to order to participate freely.  We pursue ongoing opportunities to collaborate with other non-profits to ensure communities of color continue to thrive despite vulnerabilities to social systems.

Tasks:  If your organization is interested in collaborating with C3, please complete the application and email it to jacque @ c3coalition . org.

2020 Communties of Color Coalition