In the summer of 2000 leaders from various communities of color began meeting to establish a communications network. The coalition initially worked to identify issues most relevant to communities of color in Snohomish County. Census 2000 highlighted the need for a comprehensive program to address the impact of the changing population in the county.

In 2004 incidents of bias and other issues affecting under-represented groups began to get more media attention underscoring the need for C3. Interest in C3 and attendance at meetings has grown steadily. C3 was granted Federal exempt tax status as a 501(c)(3) public non-profit effective December 2005.



C3 is a non-partisan organization that does not endorse any political candidate or work on behalf of any political party. C3 may, however, take a stand on issues that affect communities of color and other under-represented groups.

C3 collaborates with individuals, other groups, and organizations who e goals are in alignment with those of C3. We advise municipal, county, and state officials of the racial, social   justice, political, educational, and economic concerns of communities of color and other under-represented groups in Snohomish County.

C3 sponsors forum , assists with organizing events, and provides speakers and training on issues affecting communities of color and other under-represented groups.