Race and Art

2018 Conference on Race Art Walk

How has race had an impact on visual art and on artists in general? Artists have long been the story tellers and reporters of their time. Learn from artists like Doe Stahr, who travels the world to collect precious pieces of art, and who tracks the conditions of people and their state of being as a result of, or in spite of, racial tensions that have existed throughout the span of history. Consider spoken word artists such as Asia Renee and Kweli Vuur, who have created poetic imagery of their life experience on the “wrong” side of race and the effects of race on humanity in general. Experience the work of artists like Lucien Lekea, honoring past giants who tried to educate our people, by creating a selection of images that seem to fill in what is missing in our textbooks and on our televisions. The art workshop will explore these questions more deeply through dialog, visual arts, and spoken word poetry. We invite you to hear from a diverse group of artists and explore their unique perspectives on race. 

Kweli VuurArt and Race Coordinator and C3 Artist in Residence, serves to build community and help strengthen the capacities of educational programming that support our youth and their families. She strives to enhance the quality of life in the community. As the resident poet of the Communities of Color Coalition, she finds creative ways to strengthen relationships. Through the expression of art and spoken-word poetry, she hopes to bring unity by aiding the process of self-actualization within each youth and adult she encounters. 

Participating Artists: Ricardo Arriaga, visual artist; Lucian Lekea, visual artist; Asia Renne, spoken word artist; Ali Rouhfar, visual artist; Denney Juvenile Center Collection, visual art.

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